American Bully

The establishment of today’s American Bully and the breed’s early fundamental development began in the mid 1990′s in the United States of America via the efforts of several dedicated breeders and their vision and goals of creating the ultimate family companion.

The American Bully breed evolved only through careful and selective breeding of various bull breeds in a program designed to place an emphasis on maintaining a loyal, devoted and steadfast temperament, while enhancing desired physical characteristics. As a breed, the American Bully is celebrated for its exceptional loyalty and devotion to its family members. The ideal temperament of an American Bully is very stable, dedicated, confident and is that of an exceptional family companion. The ideal American Bully thrives on pleasing its owners, is highly intelligent, very trainable and capable of performing many tasks and posses diverse abilities. The modern American Bully can be seen today excelling in many areas in society, such as Therapy Dogs and Working Dogs. Physically, the perfect American Bully is athletic, yet powerfully built. The American Bully has a solid, well defined muscular frame that gives the impression of massive strength as well as athletic ability. Males are characteristically stockier and heavier boned than females. Their lifespan is between 10 and 14 years. 

The European Bully Kennel Club is the 1st Official Kennel Club to register the American Bully as a Breed in the European Union and the 2nd Official Kennel Club after the American Bully Kennel Club to recognise the American Bully as a Breed.

Breed Origin: USA



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