A Lifeline in the Face of the UK XL Bully Ban Crisis & A Call to Arms for European Breeders and Kennels

The impending breed ban on XL Bullies in the United Kingdom, proposed by the government, has sparked a crisis of unprecedented proportions. Thousands of these beloved dogs are facing abandonment, shelter placements, or worse—euthanasia—as their owners grapple with the heart-wrenching choice between their cherished pets and compliance with the impending law. The “FOSTER A UK XL BULLY” initiative emerges as a beacon of hope, urgently calling on European and American kennels to voluntarily shelter these dogs during this time of crisis.

The UK XL Bully Ban Crisis

The proposed ban, set to take effect on December 31st, has created a sense of urgency as owners find themselves ineligible for exemption, leading to dire consequences for these loyal companions. The crisis has manifested in a wave of abandonment, shelter surrenders, and heartbreaking euthanasia decisions, as individuals face the heartbreaking choice of parting with their furry family members or facing homelessness.

Time is of the Essence

With legal proceedings potentially ongoing even after the law passes, the window to save these dogs is rapidly closing. The urgency is underscored by the looming deadline, where dogs in shelters may face immediate euthanasia, and owners must decide on exemption or risk losing their pets forever.

The “FOSTER A UK XL BULLY” Initiative:

This initiative, born out of necessity, implores European and American kennels to join forces in providing temporary refuge for XL Bully dogs from the UK until the breed ban is reevaluated. By fostering these dogs, kennels can play a crucial role in saving lives, offering hope to families facing agonizing decisions, and preserving the legacy of the XL Bully breed.

Supporting the Owners & Their Families

The initiative is a direct response to the heart-wrenching stories of owners forced to part with their dogs due to housing restrictions or ineligibility for exemption. By fostering these XL Bullies, kennels can provide a lifeline for these families, allowing them to navigate the complexities of the legal landscape while ensuring the safety and well-being of their beloved pets.


As the December 31st deadline approaches, the “FOSTER A UK XL BULLY” initiative is not just a plea—it’s a lifeline for XL Bully dogs and their owners facing an unprecedented crisis. By uniting kennels across borders, we can make a difference in the lives of these cherished pets, offering them temporary refuge and hope for a brighter future beyond the breed ban. Let us stand together and act decisively to ensure that no XL Bully is left behind in the face of this impending crisis.

If you are interested in volunteering and providing temporary fostering for an XL Bully dog affected by the impending breed ban in the UK, please consider reaching out to reputable organizations dedicated to supporting these dogs. Two notable organizations you can contact are “SAVE OUR BULLIES UK” and the “EBKC” (European Bully Kennel Club).

  2. EBKC (European Bully Kennel Club):

Offer your Support

By connecting with these organizations, you can express your interest in becoming a foster caregiver for an XL Bully dog in need. They will provide you with information about their fostering programs, the application process, and the necessary steps to contribute to this important cause.

Your willingness to volunteer and offer temporary shelter to these dogs is a commendable gesture that can make a significant impact on their lives. Thank you for considering becoming part of the solution during this challenging time for XL Bully breeds in the UK.

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