EBKC Junior Handler

The European Bully Kennel Club licenses and organizes dogs shows (competitive exhibitions in which dogs are judged in accordance with an established standard of perfection for each breed) that test and evaluate the form and function of purebred dogs. In addition, at some shows the EBKC offers classes which evaluate the abilities of the participant on the other end of the lead, the young handler.

EBKC Junior Handler classes offer youngsters the opportunity to:

  1. Develop their handling skills
  2. Learn about good sportsmanship
  3. Learn about dogs and dog shows.

Join the EBKC Junior Handler Program!

Juniors are important to the future of the sport of dogs and responsible dog ownership, and the more they learn, the more valuable they become. The values, attitudes and responsibility learned through Junior Showmanship will serve youngsters well throughout their lives. By putting time and effort into learning about their dog and how to present it, juniors are rewarded with a win.

Who may participate

The EBKC Junior Handler classes are open to children from 8 to 15 years old and are divided into Novice and Open classes: All participants in Junior Showmanship classes must have an EBKC Junior Showmanship. Novice classes are for those children who, at the time entries close, have not won three (3) first-place awards in a Novice class at a licensed or member show. To qualify as a win, more than one child must be in competition in a class. The Novice class gives those children who are beginners a chance to gain experience and confidence apart from the more seasoned youngsters. Open classes are for those children having three or more first-place wins; these are the more experienced Junior Handlers. A beginner can learn how to present their dog more effectively by watching these talented youngsters in the ring.

The classes may further be divided into:

  • Novice: At least 8 years old but under 12 years old on the day of the show.
  • Intermediate: At least 12 years old but under 15 years old on the day of the show.

Judging criteria

Juniors are judged on their ability to present, or handle, their dogs within the same formats and guidelines as those who compete in the breed ring. The quality of their presentation, not the dog, is judged. Juniors are encouraged to develop their handling abilities, dress appropriately, conduct themselves in a proper manner, and present their dog in a well-groomed condition.

What about the dog?

Any dog entered must be eligible to compete. Any dog, whether intact or altered, registered with the EBKC. The handler is the only participant of the team that is being evaluated. The dog must be owned by the child, a member of the child’s family or member of his household.

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