EBKC Dog Show Host Regulations

  • In order to be considered to host an EBKC sanctioned show, you must agree and comply with the Rules & Regulations of the EBKC Sanctioning body.
  • The EBKC reserves the right to grant, deny or revoke event licenses at their own discretion
  • The EBKC reserves the right to limit the number of events a host/club may hold. 
  • The EBKC reserves the right to change rules, policies and fees at any time without notice.
  • The show host shall be responsible for their own refund and/or cancellation entry policy.
  • The show host must agree to have an apprentice (judge/rep) at the event if The EBKC deems it necessary.

All first‐time show hosts are limited to two shows per event.
Returning hosts, co‐hosts, and others profiting from hosting events are limited to 2 events per year unless otherwise approved by the EBKC. Returning hosts may be approved to have 4 shows at the event, 4 show events must be held on two days.

No shows will be booked within the same country or adjacent country and on a 350 mile radius the weekend before or the weekend after an event, as well as the same weekend of an event. The Host must check the mileage of show they are requesting to the ones already booked on the EBKC website. This can be done using Google Maps or a similar website.

Shows MUST start on time or there will be a fine issued. The EBKC Representative is responsible for ending registration for the first show 30 minutes prior to that show start time in order to transfer the paperwork to the judges’ books. The show host is given a half an hour buffer to start their show. For example, the show host must give patrons and the EBKC an approximate time of when the show will start. If the show host states the first show will start at noon, the show host has until 12:30 pm to start their show or they will be fined ϵ50.00 for every half an hour after that buffer. This fee will be billed to the show host before the rep leaves the event and the fee will be sent to the EBKC office when the rep turns in their temp numbers and money. This also will also be noted on the evaluation show form that will be sent back to the EBKC. (* The only time that a fine will not apply is if there was “an act of God” that caused the delay of the show) All EBKC sanctioned hosts are prohibited from hosting shows/events sanctioned by any other registry that recognizes the American Bully Breed. This is to help protect a sanctioned show host’s event from possibly being overlapped by another event. The EBKC originated and certifies the American Bully Breed and does not recognize the validity nor supports any other organization registering the American Bully Breed. The EBKC reserves the right to revoke event licenses and/or withhold license for any future event to any EBKC sanctioned host/club who is found hosting, co‐hosting or profiting from hosting any dog show event(s) sanctioned by any other Kennel CLub. The EBKC host/club sanction will be asked to sign a contract and this contract will be terminated immediately.  All host/club show/event fees will be forfeited at this time.

If you are allowed more than two shows and are a returning show host, you must have two EBKC Representatives at your show and pre‐registration for the first show is suggested. Also, if there are more than two shows in one day, there must be two separate rings.

The show ring should be constructed of proper material or a clean professional barrier. Caution tape may NOT be used as a ring barrier. All indoor events must have carpet or carpet runners for the dogs in the ring if the floor is of a slippery material. (ie: concrete, gym floor, etc.) The Show host MUST supply a “WICKET” to measure dogs, “SCALE” to weigh dogs prior to and/or during the event as needed. Also, the host must provide a “TABLE” at the events for small breeds. Show hosts must display one (1) 5′ x 10′ EBKC banner and two (2) 8 x 2 1/2′ ring banners at the show. Size may vary by no more than one (1) foot. The host is responsible for providing all materials needed to run registration at the event, including but not limited to armbands (numbers for show exhibitors), pens, copies of show entry forms and rubber bands.

The EBKC representative will provide the judges’ books needed to record winners at the event. **The fees should be agreed upon and documented on the host/judge/rep agreement that is returned to the EBKC office with the application to host a show. There are set fees on the agreement that is non‐negotiable. Any changes made to this agreement must be in writing and agreed upon by both parties and sent to the office prior to the event date. Show entry registration fees: Show host may charge up to a max of ϵ35.00 per dog per show. Show hosts may not charge more than this amount set by the EBKC.

(this includes the entire event)

‐ A dog that is owned or co‐owned by hosting or profiting kennel club, a member of said show hosts immediate family (Immediate family includes: Spouse, parent, step‐parent, child, step‐child, sibling, grandchild, in‐laws are also considered immediate family) or a person living in the same household as said show host.

‐A dog that has been owned, entered into a breeding contract, trained or handled by said show host/kennel club, a member of the said show host/kennel club immediate family or person that lives with said show host/kennel clubs household within three months of the date of the event. No person may serve as a judge for an event the same weekend that they are scheduled to serve as a rep, nor may they judge a show that they are hosting.  (Conflict of interest: The judges will know who the dogs are ahead of time if they serve as a rep or show host and they should be impartial at the event that they are judging.) If a rep or judge cancels a show less than 30 days out and you have a signed agreement with said judge/rep, that judge or rep is responsible to refund the host if aeroplane tickets were purchased. Also, if said host cancels a show less than 30 days out and the judge/rep has a signed agreement, the host will be fined ϵ50.00 by the EBKC, which will then be reimbursed to the judge/rep for their inconvenience. (These fees can be waived if there was a true unavoidable emergency, but you must provide proof) Show Banner/Flyer

– Dogs must be EBKC registered to be on an EBKC show banner/flyer. Fun shows may not be advertised on the front of an EBKC show banner/flyer, they may be advertised on the back or on a secondary banner/flyer. Pictures of EBKC judges should also not be added to EBKC show banner/flyer. Complete the application and send it into the address listed on the form or email to [email protected]. Applicable Application Fees: ϵ150.00‐ Fee to host a single EBKC Show (applicable 60 days prior to event) ϵ50.00 each additional show held on the same day. (applicable 60 days prior to event) Applications must be received 60 days prior to the show no later than 30 days. A ϵ50.00 late fee is added for all paperwork turned in under 30 days. Shows will not be posted until fees are paid and the entire show packet, to include judge and rep agreements, is received in the office. Must provide the office with your insurance policy 30 days prior to your event. All shows must have ALL paperwork and temp #s into the office within 10 days. No exceptions‐clubs will be suspended until the office approves. You will receive an email confirmation if your application was approved or denied. We will post your show on our website once all documents are received. Once approved you will need to email the show banner/flyer to [email protected].

Refunds for show fees will not be given if your show is cancelled, we will give you credit to use for the next event that you book.


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