EBKC Registration Policy on Flagged Dogs and/or Lines

1. Application for Registration form sent to EBKC Office with three photos from front and sides accompanied by a minimal three generation pedigree from approved registries. *Dogs must be at least 1 year of age at time of application.

2. Evaluation of the dog by a senior EBKC judge in person. If the Senior Judge approves, then a letter of statement from the senior judge will be returned to the office. The office will forward the letter along with a copy of pedigree and pictures of the dog, and video, to the EBKC panel Judges for further approval.

3. EBKC Panel of Judges must review pedigree, pictures, video and statement from the senior judge. If approved then all information will be forwarded to the EBKC office.

4. The EBKC Head Office, will review all necessary information and should it require, impose on the owner at his own cost Health Screening & Genetic Tests from the following list :

– DNA Test
Hip Dysplasia Exam
– Congenital Cardiac Exam with examination performed by a Veterinary Cardiologist
– Autoimmune thyroiditis
– NCL-A (Cerebellar Ataxia)
– Eye Examination by a certified Ophthalmologist
Elbow Dysplasia

Once the above information is provided, the EBKC will proceed to consider the dog for registration.

*Dogs will not be allowed to show or sire or produce litters until all above criteria has been met and the EBKC has registered the dog.

*If the dogs do not meet the initial criteria for applying for inspection, the office will have the right to deny the application and refuse the process.

Warning to persons who provide False/Misleading Information:

Without prejudice, The EBKC reserves the right to take disciplinary action on any person that is caught breaching the Kennel Club’s code of ethics or registering dogs under false pretenses with misleading information, that may result in the finding of dogs that do not meet the Breed Standards & Health requirements. These persons shall be suspended indefinitely and barred from registering with the EBKC. 

Dogs in question will have their registration status revoked which means that it will not be able to Sire or produce litters. All offspring and breedings from the dog will also be blocked.

The European Bully Kennel Club reserves all rights.

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