European Bully Kennel Club Official Statement in response to Animal Extremists

in response to a recent news article written by an individual called Karen Soeters in the Netherlands, alleging ‘Animal Abuse by Dog Handlers’, The European Bully Kennel Club’s Official position on the matter is as follows;

Breed Conformation Dog Shows are judged by experienced Judges who inspect dogs following a written breed standard according to each individual dog breed competing in the Show. Dog Show Judges inspect dogs thoroughly and in the case of male specimens, A Judge examines the dog for two normal descended testicles. In NO way this inspection is any different to an examination by a Veterinary surgeon or a Dog Groomer. Contrary to the content of the article published, There is nothing ‘sexual’ about this and for one to think in this manner is disgusting and must immediately seek psychiatric medical assistance. It is shameful for any so-called ‘NGO’ or ‘news/journalist organisations to allege or fabricate these sick and vile intentions in order to gain profit from their website advertising and tarnish the good reputation of community organisations such as ours.

In regards to exhibitors who position their dogs in order to be inspected by the Show Judge, The Hand of the Dog Handler might pass underneath the abdomen of the dog to lift the dog back into firm stance. It is not acceptable to grope or fondle a dog’s genitalia. A person who lacks experience in showing and position dogs in the show ring may result in giving a wrong impression by handling the dog in the incorrect manner, however, we firmly believe this has clearly nothing to do with anything that is lewd or sexual, but simply inexperienced handling. Our Kennel Club strongly rejects and will not tolerate any false allegations or misinterpretations of any published news articles, videos or image, to purposely portray wrongdoing or abuse.

Our Kennel Club works to promote ethical breeding, Responsible dog ownership, canine health and to promote dogs as the ideal family companions.

Andrea Selvaggi

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