What if I have not received my registration paperwork yet?

The EBKC Registrations Office will need to allow a full 30 days from the date we mail a customer’s registration paperwork to allow the post office time to deliver the work or return it to us through our Return Mail. If after 30 days from sending the customer has not received the paperwork, The customer must fill in the Request for Duplicate Registration .

One must select the drop-down selection under ‘Reason for Request’ – ‘Lost in the mail, never received‘. Once having the form submitted, the customer is notified with a Case Number. That Case number can be used as reference when contacting the EBKC.

Once the request is verified, replacement papers will be sent free of charge. The request for Duplicate Registration must be received by our office within two months of the date the office originally issued the customer’s paperwork.

The EBKC Registrations Office will not issue duplicate papers free of charge for paperwork lost in the mail if the request for duplicate papers is received in our office more 2 months after the papers were originally mailed. Before 30 days or after two months from the original date of mailing, all appropriate registration fees will apply.

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