The EBKC recognised by the Danish Authorities

A Victory for the American Bully Breed in Denmark & the EBKC,

The European Bully Kennel Club Certifications recognised by the Danish Government. Together with Danish Club members and Club Officials, the EBKC has achieved legal recognition by Danish Authorities in regards to acceptance of the American Bully as a breed, by recognising the European Bully Kennel Club’s Certified Documents.

In recent months, American Bully owners in Denmark have pushed for breed acceptance and recognition. One of the main issues was primarily that legal documents that are recognised must come from an organisation that in a European Union Member State. The European Bully Kennel Club’s Head Offices are in Malta and is recognised by the Maltese Government as a registered Organisation.

Quoting a response sent to one of our Club Members by the Danish Police Legal Department:

‘National Police hereby return to your inquiry regarding the purchase of a dog of breed American Bully.

National Police should first state that it is clear of dogs Act 1 a paragraph A. 1 and 2 that a number of dog breeds, including hybrids, which breeds included, is prohibited in Denmark. The National Police estimates that there is an illegal crossing if a dog is a mixture of one or more of the dogs contained herein banned list unless that crossing instead can be considered a breed of dogs Act.

An examination of the information European Bully Kennel Club (EBKC) have presented on their website stated breed standards, which apparently aims to separate the population members from other dogs. It follows from EBKC’s website that an American Bully bred by principles that seem comparable with FCI.

It is based on the above, the National Police believes that American Bully can be considered a breed of dogs Act and that this race is not apparent from the prohibition list in Dogs Act 1A, so that the – where the breed is sufficiently documented – must be regarded as legitimate.

However, it is crucial that you as a dog owner makes sure to acquire an original pedigree from this recognized federation, where the breed is bred for principles that are comparable with FCI principles, and that the album also does not show that blended dogs other (illegal) races. Thus, the National Police considers it as a dog owner will not be enough just to say that you have a dog of breed American Bully, but that such a dog requires documentation in the form of an EBKC Certified Pedigree Certificate, as the dog or else risk being seen as an illegal crossing based on its appearance.

The National Police shall eventually notice that it is always the individual police that in the first instance assess whether, as a dog owner has provided sufficient evidence that your dog belonging to a particular non-illegal race. National Police cannot say something in general that an American Bully in all cases will be “acquitted” because it depends on what you as a dog owner can provide documentation of the dog’s breed. However, National Police believes that Certified pedigree from a The European Bully Kennel Club (EBKC) should weigh heavily in such an assessment – even if, as far as one American Bully, is a race that is not recognized by FCI. 

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