EBKC Sweden Summer Show 2021

Saturday 24th July 2021
Show Location: Värnamo Hundarena
Location Type: Indoor & Outdoor
City: Värnamo
Country: Sweden
Judges: Ermanno Corrada & Ulisse Bongiorni (IT)
Type of show: Double  Conformation Show
2 Breeds: American Bully & Olde English Bulldogge
Show Entry: Pre-registration only
EBKC Officials: Michael Wiman (SE) and Christine Utzon (DK)


The EBKC DNA Profiling Program brings cutting-edge parentage testing technology to EBKC customers. A cheek swab brush is used to collect the DNA sample from the dog, and returned to the EBKC. The sample is processed by EBKC’s DNA Partner Laboratories, and the resulting genotype is entered into the EBKC DNA Database. The information is used to verify parentage of EBKC dogs and for genetic identity purposes. EBKC DNA does not determine the breed of a dog or if a dog is a purebred. This technology allows breeders, dog owners, and the EBKC to ensure accuracy of the EBKC registry archives.

DNA Profiling is required for stud dogs whose semen is collected for fresh-extended or frozen use. EBKC DNA Profiling is also required for Frequently Used Sires, effective for litters whelped on or after July 1, 2020, and for imported breeding stock registered on or after March 1, 2006. If unknown parentage is indicated via DNA testing, the status of the registration will be downgraded to “conditional” until a three-generation pedigree is established.

The dog owner will receive an EBKC letter of DNA Analysis including the DNA profile for each dog sampled. Additionally, for dogs individually registered at the time the DNA sample is received by the EBKC, the DNA Profile Number and this will be indicated on dog’s registration record, and will appear on all Registration Certificates and Pedigrees issued in the future.

DNA Profiling may be used to determine the correct sire of a litter before registering that litter, such as in cases where the dam was exposed to more than one male during her season. Additionally, the EBKC can register litters with more than one sire.

Order Your DNA Profile & DNA Swab Sample Kit here


We would like to inform you that all operations at the European Bully Kennel Club are functioning as normal. However, we are currently not accepting any visitors at our offices due to safety precautions in light of the current COVID-19 Virus epidemic.

As of the moment, all registrations from France, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Turkey are being sent out by TNT / FEDEX Courier Service to our Country Representatives who shall be distributing documents in their regions. Documents bound for Italy are currently being held at our offices until further notice. So Far, all cargo flight operations are functioning, which means postal services are still in operations, however, it is strongly advised to opt for registered mail services to ensure trackability of your documents.
For further information or requests for registrations kindly contact our registrations department on Email: [email protected], All communication is to be received by our official channels only.

Thank you for your cooperation
Glenn Cutajar
EBKC Head Office


Esteemed Show Exhibitors & Club Members,
In light of the current Global Crisis caused by Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and various consultations with our Senior Staff and Officials we have come to a unanimous decision to postpone until further notice the EBKC EURO BULL EXPO BELGIUM 2020 that was to be held on Sunday 5th April at the Espace Magnum in Colfontaine, The event will be reschedule to another date. At the moment that I write this message, Belgium has reported at an alarming rate of 200 confirmed cases of this deadly virus. The Health of our exhibitors, staff, and club members remains our first and foremost priority, and rest assured that we will always act accordingly. An alternative date will be announced the moment we are certain that we are able to organise the show in a safe environment. Please follow our notifications for up-to-date information on the actions that we are taking.

Also, we kindly ask for your understanding in light of these circumstances. We will strive to respond to all of your inquiries as soon as possible. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Andrea Selvaggi
President, EBKC

Ed Sheperd, Founder of Gottyline & Daxline Passes Away

Mr. Ed Sheperd, founder of Gottyline & Daxline has died. He who owned the world famous dogs such as ’21 Blackjack’ and produced many great American Bullies such as the legendary ‘DAX’. The EBKC would like to express its sincere condolences to the Sheperd Family. Ed Sheperd’s contribution to the American Bully Breed will live on forever.


Ed started at a time where American Pit Bulls for the most part, were tall, thin, and followed the APBT breed standard. When Ed first started breeding, he did some research on the internet and purchased a couple of pit bulls. He soon realized that both he and his kids loved the temperament of these dogs and it was the breed of their choice from that day forward.


The Gottiline Pit bull Bloodline, otherwise known as the Gotti Pitbulls, Gottyline or Gotty Pitbulls have become one of the most popular bloodlines in American Bully Community. This bloodline was started by Richard Barajas of West Side Kennels. He actually owned the first sire, The Notorious Juan Gotty.

Back in 1997, he bought Gotty for an amount of $1,300, from Tony Moore. Richard probably didn’t know at the time what a great buy Juan Gotty was. Tony owned Grey Line Kennels in Los Angeles.


Tony Moore of Greyline pit bulls produced Notorious Juan Gotty, a dog who later would be the credited for the Gottiline bloodline. Tony sold Gotty to Richard Barajas when he was still a puppy. Gotty was a 100% Greyline dog. The dogs Tony produced were known for their drive and gameness, far from the American Bullies that you see today. Gary Moore of Blue Star Kennels refers to dogs without a drive as “Kibble Munchers” and wants nothing to do with a lazy dog without drive.

Gary’s ideal dog would be able to climb trees, take down criminals. This was a temperament that Ed Shepherd was not interested in. This extreme drive or “gameness” is not found in today’s American Bullies and was is known to exist find in lines like Greyline, amongst a few others considered “old school bloodlines.”

Some die hard game American Pit Bull Terrier fans would argue that dogs like Gotty were dogs in the early stages of the transformation of the American Bully breed and that these dogs were not true APBT lines (think Colby, Jeep, Old Family Red Nose etc.) But that is a controversial topic and an entire article in itself.

Whichever side of the argument you’re on, many of the old school bloodlines and the majority of the 100% greyline dogs still carried the original APBT temperament and drive. New Troijan Kennels in Los Angeles for example has 100% greyline dogs. Their dogs for the most part are known to have extremely high energy levels and drive, and are able to preform well in sports such as weight pulling, and protection training.

Richard Barajas was breeding Juan Gotty at the time. His kennel name was West Side Kennels. So Ed decided to come up with an idea for creating a name for his yard. The name Ed decided on was Gottyline.


Richard was a friend of Eds and at the time, and although he didn’t really like the idea Ed using the name “Gottyline”, he didn’t make a big deal of it and began to use the name as well. Ed chose to spell Gottyline as it reads on Juan Gotty’s papers with the letter “Y”. Richard however, began using the name but spelling it with an “I” and using “Gottiline.” This is the reason you will see this bloodline spelled both ways from time to time.


Ed had purchased Blackjack at the time Cruz was first getting into the Razors Edge bloodline. At the time, Cruz wasn’t as interested in Blackjack, because Blackjack wasn’t a Razors Edge dog. At the time, there was no Gottiline. Things really started to take off for Ed after purchasing 21 Blackjack from Cruz of Bow Wow Pits.

Cruz is perhaps most well known for his Stud Blow, a Monster G son. Cruz went on to be successful in his own right, creating a clothing line based off of Blow. The clothing line was simply known as Blow Genes.

Ed started to show 21 Blackjack and soon champed him out. From the popularity of 21 Blackjack, Ed started to build his Kennel. After years of line breeding and inbreeding, he created a solid recognizable look and had a yard full of amazing bullies.

Around 2008, Ed bred West Coast Gottyline’s Romeo to his female Barbee. This is how he produced the now world famous Gottyline’s Dax. After Dax began to mature, Ed realized that he had produced a truly remarkable stud dog, that at the time, was his best production to date. He then renamed his kennel and bloodline Daxline.

Dax was considered an extreme Bully. He had a very easy going temperament and was completely non-aggressive. Ed has no interest in breeding dogs with aggression, high energy or poor temperament. Dax finished his Show Career as an ABKC Grand Champion in the Extreme Class, but it was not without controversy.

Dax stood around 15 inches at the withers, weighed 75 pounds, and had a 24 inch head. He was Ed’s only house dog at the time. Ed simply states that he is loved part of the family and is also too valuable to leave outside.


Dax is known as the best producing bully in the history of the American Bully movement. There is some debate as to whether Dax was an F1, F2 or F2 bulldog, but what isn’t up for debate is whether Dax could produce.

Dax Sired Ch Lucky Luciano, Louis V, Ch Magoo, Cashpot, Dual GrCh G-Train, Spartacus, Phenom, Boss, Kill Bill, Heat Stroke, Lil Sitch, Status, Havoc, Goku, Uso, Wyatt Earp among many others.

The EBKC recognised by the Danish Authorities

A Victory for the American Bully Breed in Denmark & the EBKC,

The European Bully Kennel Club Certifications recognised by the Danish Government. Together with Danish Club members and Club Officials, the EBKC has achieved legal recognition by Danish Authorities in regards to acceptance of the American Bully as a breed, by recognising the European Bully Kennel Club’s Certified Documents.

In recent months, American Bully owners in Denmark have pushed for breed acceptance and recognition. One of the main issues was primarily that legal documents that are recognised must come from an organisation that in a European Union Member State. The European Bully Kennel Club’s Head Offices are in Malta and is recognised by the Maltese Government as a registered Organisation.

Quoting a response sent to one of our Club Members by the Danish Police Legal Department:

‘National Police hereby return to your inquiry regarding the purchase of a dog of breed American Bully.

National Police should first state that it is clear of dogs Act 1 a paragraph A. 1 and 2 that a number of dog breeds, including hybrids, which breeds included, is prohibited in Denmark. The National Police estimates that there is an illegal crossing if a dog is a mixture of one or more of the dogs contained herein banned list unless that crossing instead can be considered a breed of dogs Act.

An examination of the information European Bully Kennel Club (EBKC) have presented on their website stated breed standards, which apparently aims to separate the population members from other dogs. It follows from EBKC’s website that an American Bully bred by principles that seem comparable with FCI.

It is based on the above, the National Police believes that American Bully can be considered a breed of dogs Act and that this race is not apparent from the prohibition list in Dogs Act 1A, so that the – where the breed is sufficiently documented – must be regarded as legitimate.

However, it is crucial that you as a dog owner makes sure to acquire an original pedigree from this recognized federation, where the breed is bred for principles that are comparable with FCI principles, and that the album also does not show that blended dogs other (illegal) races. Thus, the National Police considers it as a dog owner will not be enough just to say that you have a dog of breed American Bully, but that such a dog requires documentation in the form of an EBKC Certified Pedigree Certificate, as the dog or else risk being seen as an illegal crossing based on its appearance.

The National Police shall eventually notice that it is always the individual police that in the first instance assess whether, as a dog owner has provided sufficient evidence that your dog belonging to a particular non-illegal race. National Police cannot say something in general that an American Bully in all cases will be “acquitted” because it depends on what you as a dog owner can provide documentation of the dog’s breed. However, National Police believes that Certified pedigree from a The European Bully Kennel Club (EBKC) should weigh heavily in such an assessment – even if, as far as one American Bully, is a race that is not recognized by FCI. 

EBKC launches the Best Stud Dog & Best Brood Bitch Show Classes

The Executive Committee of EBKC Judges has proudly announced the introduction of the Best Stud Dog and Best Brood Bitch Show Classes.
– Classes shall be divided by breed and judged separately by sex.
– These classes shall be judged on the quality of the Offspring and not the individual stud dogs and brood bitches.
-Stud dogs and brood bitches must be permanently registered with EBKC as of the day of the show to be eligible for this class.
– Offspring may compete if they are permanently registered with EBKC or are out of EBKC Registered litters.
– Spayed bitches and neutered dogs are eligible to compete in these classes but not as Offspring. – The Judge shall give up to 2 placements, where possible, in these classes.

– Only the exhibitors of the stud dogs and brood bitches are required to wear armbands in these classes.

a. Stud Dog. Each entry in this class shall consist of a stud dog and at least two but not more than four dogs sired by that dog. The progeny must be at least three months of age and may include both sexes. At least two of the progeny must be entered in the Conformation Show. Stud dogs entered in this class may not be counted as Offspring for their sires in the same class. Entries shall be made in the name of the stud dog.
b. Brood Bitch. Each entry in this class shall consist of a brood bitch and at least two but not more than four dogs produced by that bitch. The offspring must be at least three months of age and may include both sexes. At least two of the offspring must be entered in the licensed classes. Brood bitches entered in this class may not be counted as offspring for their dams in the same class. Entries shall be made in the name of the brood bitch.
These new classes will be launched for the first time at the EBKC Internationals 2017 Dog Show on Sunday 19th November 2017, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

To preregister for these prestigious Show Classes email: [email protected]
WHATSAPP LIVE CHAT (10am to 5pm GMT+2)